Outstanding Industry Contributor

Nominations Open for 2021 Outstanding Industry Contributor

Congratulations to the winner of the 2020 Outstanding Contributor Award: Dr. Michael Mahut.

Dr. Mahut has provided selfless contributions to numerous activities to promote more widespread understanding of network modeling. The shining star of his numerous efforts are his contributions to the DTA Primer. Beyond that, he assists in the production of numerous conferences and workshohps thoughout the year and is always willing to give a helping hand no matter the task.

The 2020 Outstanding Industry Contributor Committee was:

  • Rick Donnelly, WSP Inc. (chair)
  • Brian Gardner, FHWA
  • Julie Dunbar, Dunbar Transportation

Award Description

The Outstanding Industry Contributor Award shall be given to an individual who in embodying the Zephyr Principles, has selflessly contributed to the good of the industry through the body of their work.

Outstanding Industry Contributor shall be:

  • Collegial and collaborative, investing in shared technical knowledge and community assets in order to reach common goals (e.g. open access papers, code, documentation, and data);
  • Generous with their time such as investment in mentorship, community-assets, and other volunteer roles;
  • Respectful and thoughtful in their interactions; and
  • Goal-oriented towards the public good and usefulness, even if the pathway is unconventional.

Nominees will be considered by a three-person award committee and forwarded to the Zephyr Board for approval. Awards are made at the TRB Annual Meeting.

Award Recepients

  • Julie Dunbar, 2019
  • Michael Mahut, 2020