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Zephyr Members

Member’s are at the heart of the Zephyr Foundation’s organizational structure. Members are responsible for electing the Board of Directors and play a key role in supporting the organizational core programs through volunteership as well as their membership dues.

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Founding Member Roster

  • Rolf Moeckel
  • Joan Walker
  • Ram Pendyala
  • Clint Daniels
  • David Ory
  • Charles Gorugantula
  • Julie Dunbar
  • Joe Flood
  • Jason Soria
  • Greg Erhardt
  • Elizabeth Sall
  • Jason Hawkins
  • Rosella Picado
  • Stacey Bricka
  • Daniel Florian
  • Melvin Wong
  • Alec Biehl
  • Raphael Dumas
  • Scott Ramming
  • Jeff Pierson
  • Jalal Jahir
  • Mohammad Molla
  • Robert Chaney
  • Brian Higgs
  • Patricia Mokhtarian
  • Aruna Sivakumar
  • Eric Anderson
  • Vladimir Livshits
  • Michael Clarke
  • Stephen Lawe
  • Kay Axhausen
  • Rick Donnelly
  • Greg Giaimo
  • Billy Charlton
  • Alexey Pozdnukhov
  • Kimon Proussaloglou
  • Eric J. Miller
  • Marty Milkovits
  • Lisa Zorn
  • Jeffrey Newman
  • Elisa Borowski
  • Juan David Caicedo Castro
  • Asadul Hoque Tanvir
  • Like Liu
  • Simon J. Berrebi
  • Scott Thompson-Graves
  • Ken Kaltenbach
  • Johnny Han
  • Srinivas Varanasi
  • Yu-Chu Huang
  • Joe Castiglione
  • Philip Carleton
  • Charles Baber

Founding Leader

A limited number of Founding Leader slots are available and include corporate membership benefits for five years for the price of four.
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Founders Circle

A limited number of Founders Circle slots are available.
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