Agency Subscriptions + Support Contracts

Agency Subscriptions + Project Support Services

Public agencies can subscribe to services provided by the Zephyr Foundation. Upon subscribing, your agency will receive the following benefits and services:

  • Preferential and discounted event registration for employees
  • Website listing
  • Commemorative laptop decal
  • Preferential support and assistance for shared code repository or other projects as may be selected by the board.

Note that if you Agency allows it, you should consider becoming an agency member in lieu of a subscription which will allow you to vote in elections.

Subscription levels

Subscriptions are priced according to the population “service area” in which your agency has jurisdiction:

Size Service Area Annual Subscription
Small: < 500,000 service area $2,500
Medium:   500,000 - 1 million service area   $5,000
Large: > 1 million service area $10,000

Terms of Agency Subscription

We are happy to discuss terms that would be mutually beneficial to Zephyr and your Agency.

How to sign up

Please contact us at [email protected] so we can discuss the best way to get your agency on board. Zephyr can even send you an invoice.