Zephyr Foundation

a 501(c)3 non-profit

Zephyr’s mission: advancing rigorous transportation and land use decision-making for the public good by advocating for and supporting improved travel analysis, and facilitating its implementation.


Our vision is to become the primary venue through which leading researchers and practitioners seek to develop and implement travel analysis methods and tools that are demonstrably more valuable, credible, transparent, tractable, reproducible, and usable.

We strive for those methods and tools to support decision-making that is inclusive and promotes equitable outcomes, shared prosperity, and sustainability.

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What's On

Zephyr Stars: Projects we're watching

Zephyr Stars is a list Github Projects starred by Zephyr members.

These projects have been “starred” multiple times by the members of the Zephyr Foundation. Stars mean different things to different people, from “this is a useful tool for work” to “I want to be able to find this again” to “my buddy made a fundraising website”.

But it is expected that GitHub projects high on this list (i.e. starred by a large number of analytic transportation professionals) will tend to be in the first category. Take a look!!

Opportunities, Jobs, &c.


Zephyr runs a popular year-round series of learning sessions, tutorials, and panel discussions. We also have a strong presence at many transportation planning conferences. Come find us and talk to us!

Upcoming events

In development

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Programs and Projects

This is a list of the projects and programs that comprise the Zephyr Agenda.

Workforce Development Program

Program to recruit, educate and keep a travel analysis workforce.

Network Data Standard and Management Tools

Datasets of standardized input and observed data in order to facilitate the testing of and compare the performance of various algorithms, approaches, or parameters.

Software Badging

Develop a set of badges to award software tools that meet various criteria.

Open Science

Develop a set of badges for projects that meet criteria for openness and reproducibility.


A data standard for fixed-route ridership.