Code of Conduct

In order to uphold and advance the honor and dignity of the profession, Zephyr Foundation members shall follow and uphold the core Zephyr Principles as follows:

  1. Members shall engage in respectful, honest, and technical-based interaction.
  2. Foundation activities should be driven by useful innovation that leverages its unique position.
  3. Members shall act in support of the public good, specifically inclusion, equitable outcomes, and shared prosperity.
  4. Foundation projects and products shall use user-friendly packaging and licensing.
  5. Foundation activities shall support consistently high-quality work products.
  6. Foundation projects and products shall support the faithful implementation of standards.
  7. Foundation activities and members shall be respectful of time and resources.
  8. Members shall proactively seek out and welcome a diversity of opinions and backgrounds.
  9. Members should follow and uphold all applicable laws.

Additionally, members shall:

  • Actively support the Foundation’s mission to advance rigorous transportation and land use decision-making for the public good by advocating for and supporting improved travel analysis and facilitating its implementation.
  • Strive to increase the competence and prestige of the profession.
  • Disclose relevant financial interests when engaging in Foundation activities.
  • Not associate with or allow the use of their name by an enterprise of questionable character, nor become professionally associated with professionals who do not conform to ethical practices, or with persons not legally qualified to render the professional services for which the association is intended.