Learning Session – Introduction to ActivitySim

September 14, 2020

10AM-12PM PT / 1-3 PM ET


The ActivitySim project is a multi-agency partnership whose goal is to advance travel demand forecasting practice and cost-effectiveness through shared development of software tools and shared agency experience. The ActivitySim project has implemented an open source, Python-based version of this activity-based model using best software development practices and popular data science libraries. The objectives of the tutorial are to provide 1) updates on ActivitySim project goals, current work program, regional implementation status, and future plan; and 2) hands-on instruction on downloading, installing, and running ActivitySim, running scenarios, and summarizing and evaluating results.

Participants interested in following along with the interactive demo should install ActivitySim ahead of time. Instructions for installing and running ActivitySim, and the Jupyter Notebooks (which are required for the tutorial), are at https://activitysim.github.io/activitysim/gettingstarted.html.