Panel on the intersection of Survey and Passive Data

September 28, 2020

2:00-4:00 ET/11:00-1:00 PT

Zoom Webinar - YouTube Recording

Data products derived from modern technology-based services such as GPS, LBS, and others offer new data dimensions, different coverages, and refined temporal resolutions. While these new data products have enabled new ways of extracting information, they also add value to the more traditional data sources such as surveys and traffic counts. Identifying how modeling and planning activities that have been built upon the traditional data sources could be strengthened by leveraging both the traditional and emerging data sources require new thinking and exploration. This session explores such opportunities through a combination of presentations and focused discussions on where and how to leverage both data streams to strengthen transportation outcomes.

Part 1: Capturing special events data

Moderated by Leta Huntsinger (NC State University)


Part 2: Opportunities using both parallel and fused data sources

Moderated by Jim Hubbell (Streetlight Data)


Part 3: Looking ahead

Discussant: Erik Sabina (Colorado DOT) - Presentation

Organization of this event led by Stacey Bricka (MacroSys) with help from Guy Rousseau (Atlanta Regional Commission), Jim Hubbell (Streetlight Data), Leta Huntsinger (NC State University), and Erik Sabina (Colorado DOT).