Zephyr Leadership Award

The 2022 Leadership Award was presented on March 10, 2022

The Award

The 2022 Zephyr Leadership Award shall be given to an individual who embraces the Zephyr mission of advancing rigorous transportation and land use decision-making for the public good by advocating for and supporting improved travel analysis and facilitating its implementation.

Nominees are considered by a three-person award committee and forwarded to the Zephyr Board for approval on an annual basis. Awards anticipated to be made at the TRB Annual Meeting.

2022 Awardee

Congratulations to the winner of the 2022 Zephyr Leadership Award: Elizabeth Sall

Leadership requires vision. The vision to clearly see the challenges and problems we face today, the vision to understand and learn from the past, and the vision to conceive of and navigate towards a better future.

This year’s Zephyr Leadership Award is given to Elizabeth Sall, whose vision for how public decision-making and the public good can be elevated through improved travel analysis is the very reason we are gathered here today. It was Elizabeth, along with a handful of other instigators, who identified the need for an organization to develop improved travel analysis methods and tools, and who embraced the values of inclusivity, equity, sustainability and collaboration. Throughout her career, Elizabeth has had the vision to recognize the practical needs of our profession and community, including but not limited to the value of data standards and open data, open source software, improved bicycle and transit route choice, and rigorous forecasting methods.

But vision alone is insufficient. Leadership also requires action. It was Elizabeth who did much of the heavy-lifting of establishing Zephyr as an organization. Her commitment to data standards and open data reflected in her work establishing the Mobility Data Interoperability Principles, and her commitment to open source software and collaboration has led to many tangible projects used every day in practice, including activity-based modeling platforms, network development tools, data management tools, and other projects which facilitate complex analyses addressing the interaction of policy, investments, and travel behavior on equity, climate, and accessibility. Her commitment to improved travel analysis is reflected in dozens of academic and applied research efforts addressing forecasting accuracy, transit route choice, dynamic traffic assignment, congestion pricing, and emissions.

This leadership award is given to Elizabeth in recognition of her broad vision as well as her ability to realize this vision through action.

The 2022 Zephyr Leadership Award selection committee was:

  • Bill Davidson
  • Joan Walker
  • Joe Castiglione (Board Facilitator)

Award Recipients

  • Joe Castiglione, 2019
  • Joan Walker, 2020
  • Bill Davidson, 2021