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The Zephyr reception at the 2017 TRB Annual Meeting

Members are at the heart of the Zephyr Foundation’s organizational structure (see Article I of our Bylaws…we’re not joking). Members are responsible for electing the Board of Directors and play a key role in supporting the organizational core through volunteership and guidance as well as their membership dues.

This structure was selected based on extensive consultation within our community as well as research on similar organizations in other fields and has the following advantages:

  • Allows the foundation to undertake shared “backbone” support roles for the industry rather than relying on project- or program-specific grants which tend to ebb and flow.
  • Priorities are responsive to both grassroots (member) needs as well as strategic (top-down) priorities.
  • Shared ownership of the Foundation by the community creates buy-in.

By joining today, you will help us build a tight-knit community of motivated travel analysis professionals, working together to improving our industry.

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Who Can Be a Member?

Any individual shall be eligible for membership if they have paid their dues and agree to abide by terms of membership. Any member reported to the Executive Committee for violating the Terms of Membership shall have their membership suspended and potentially revoked upon confirmation of a violation.

Institutions, corporations, and public agencies can also be members and pass along some of the member benefits to their own members or employees. See below for details about each.

Individual Membership

Memberships are valid for one year. Benefits for individual members include:

  • Vote in board elections
  • Commemorative laptop decal!
  • Preferential and discounted event registration
  • Eligible to participate in project committees

Type Annual Dues Notes
Standard $200 Open to all!
Student $25 Must be in a degree-seeking program in a related field.
Young Professional $25 Under thirty at the time of application.

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Organizational Membership

Memberships are valid for one year. Benefits for organizational membership include

  • Vote in board elections
  • Commemorative laptop decals and plaque
  • Preferential and discounted event registration for employees

Organizational memberships are $2,000 annually, or $10,000 for five years.

Please contact us at [email protected] so we can discuss the best way to get your organization on board. Zephyr can even send you an invoice.

How to join or renew your membership

You can sign up right now using your credit card, but other options are available below.

All individual members must agree to the Zephyr Terms of Membership.

We’ll need your name, email, and a valid credit/debit card info to process your membership. We use the Stripe payment system, which means we never see your credit card number and thus cannot lose it.

Other payment options

To do a check, bank transfer or request an invoice, please email: [email protected]

To join or renew today using a credit card, select from the membership options below:

Thanks for considering joining Zephyr. We look forward to building great things with you!