Software Badging

Badges distributed by Zephyr that software projects display in their GitHub repositories are a simple and low-stakes way for Zephyr to signal our support for software development projects.


The Software Badging Project Management Group (aka, the “Badgers”), initially divided ourselves into the following four teams:

  • Tech: this team focused on building out the technology to support the deployment of badges;
  • Image: this team focused on building versions of what the badge would look like;
  • Criteria: this team focused on what criteria we should use to award badges; and,
  • Process: this team focused on what the process should be to award badges.

The “criteria” issue was, as expected, the most difficult – but also the most collaborative, interesting, and awarding.


The badge program should have the following features:

  • An open application process in which software projects are reviewed for features such as openness, community involvement, continuous integration and/or other good coding practices, relationship to improving travel analysis, etc;
  • Annual project audits to assess progress and adherence to standards;
  • API-based badge that can be rendered in a GitHub markdown page; and,
  • Potentially used as a consideration in awarding Zephyr grants.


  1. Establish PMG [complete]
  2. Beta-version of the minimally-viable badging technology, demonstrated here;
  3. Internal draft of criteria document (complete);
  4. Initial customer feedback interviews (complete);
  5. Public draft criteria document (goal: April 1, 2019);
  6. Public draft process form or forms (goal: May 1, 2019);
  7. Public draft badge image (goal: April 1, 2019);
  8. Beta badging process in place for submittals (goal: April 15, 2019).

Feedback + Involvement

Feedback or requests to be involved can be sent to to the Software Badging chair: [email protected].


This project is overseen by a board-approved Project Management Group (PMG) as follows:

  • David Ory, WSP Inc. (Chair)
  • Kat Busch, Sidewalk Labs
  • Billy Charlton, TU Berlin (Board Representative)
  • Dan Florian, INRO
  • Jeffrey Newman, Cambridge Systematics
  • Ben Stabler, RSG
  • Kyle Ward, Caliper
  • Lisa Zorn, Metropolitan Transportation Commission


2019-01-15 The Software Badging Project Management Group met at the TRB Annual Meeting in Washington DC.