Meeting Announcement

The GTFS-ride Project Management Group will meet at the 2020 TRB Annual Meeting in Washington DC.

  • Tuesday Jan 14th 1:30-3:00 
  • Room 142 Washington DC Convention Center

Note that seating may be limited and will be prioritized for PMG members

Data standards have been pivotal in creating a shared ecosystem of client-, public-, regulator- and manager-centric data discovery. Starting with Tri-Met and GTFS and more recently GBFS, data standards have made it commonplace to know how and when to use transit or other mobility services. GTFS-ride complements LA and Santa Monica’s MDS efforts (which is currently restricted to dockless mobility) to provide a picture of where people are using the system, which can provide insight into deficiencies or opportunities to improve the experience of the travelling public.


This project is overseen by a board-approved Project Management Group (PMG) as follows:

  • David Porter, OSU (Chair)
  • Matthew Barnes, ODOT
  • Aaron Antrim, Trillium
  • Clint Daniels, RSG (Board Representative)
  • Alex Bettinardi, ODOT
  • Phillip Carleton, OSU

There is also a GTFS-ride consortium group that acts in advisory capacity. All notes, transcripts and presentations are available online.


Led by the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon State University, a substantial amount of progress has been made both on the standard side as well as the documentation, outreach and coalition-building.

Existing standard:
Landing Page:


The GTFS-ride project stewards identified the following needs for the project:

  • General awareness building,
  • Building a software ecosystem,
  • Transit agency adoption,
  • Software vendor adoption, and
  • A process surrounding data standard evolution.

Administratively, the project needs:

  • A jurisdiction-agnostic, persistent (not project- or funding-based) home, and
  • Funding for ongoing care and maintenance.

Workplan draft, not PMG approved

  • Establish 3-5 partner transit agencies to help co-develop
  • Develop a “killer app” or something just as useful, like a shared ETL workflow based on shared agency needs
  • Pepper the tech and policy conference (i.e. AAPTA, NACTO, Railvolution, PyData, Bloomberg) and communications (CityLab, etc) circuits
  • Establish a shared funding pool from with to fund fellows or other people to evolve, build, and share.
  • Create a roadmap for the standard itself, including its relationship with other standards (i.e. MDS)

Feedback + Involvement

Feedback or requests to be involved can be sent to to the GTFS-ride chair: [email protected].