Zephyr Stars

Zephyr Stars

These projects have been “starred” multiple times by the members of the Zephyr Foundation. Stars mean different things to different people, from “this is a useful tool for work” to “I want to be able to find this again” to “my buddy made a fundraising website”. But it is expected that GitHub projects high on this list (i.e. starred by a large number of analytic transportation professionals) will tend to be in the first category.

Zephyr Starred Projects

Zephyr Users

The list of starred projects is based on these GitHub users.


Zephyr members are invited to contribute in two ways:

  1. If you’re already included on our list, go out and put GitHub stars on projects you use or like.
  2. You can propose additions to the list of known users, either by adding yourself, or by adding respected colleagues working in our industry. You can do so by making a pull request on the known-users.yml file in the Zephyr Stars repository. If you’re not familiar with Git, this is your opportunity to learn a bit how to use it. For a simple repository update like this, you can do it entirely on GitHub.com and you don’t even need to download or install anything (although you’ll certainly want to eventually if you want to really use Git).

Last updated Jun 20, 2024