Exceptional Technical Achievement Award

The 2022 Exceptional Contributor Award was presented on March 10, 2022

The Award

The Exceptional Technical Achievement Award shall be given to an individual or team for superior innovation and creativity in developing a project, method, study, or product that contributes to a positive impact on transportation and/or land use decision-making.

Nominees will be considered by a three-person award committee and forwarded to the Zephyr Board for approval. Awards are made at the TRB Annual Meeting.

2022 Awardee

Congratulations to the winner of the 2022 Exceptional Technical Achievement Award: Peter Vovsha

Peter Vovsha has contributed significantly to activity-based modeling – specifically to three products: 1) PopSyn3, the first population synthesizer that incorporated person-level controls, multiple layers of geographic controls, and the ability to use multiple sources for the seed sample; 2) CT-RAMP, which is today the most-widely used ABM framework in North America and the foundation upon which ActivitySim is constructed; and 3) CT-RAMP2, which explicitly considers space/time constraints enabling the model to provide insights on the benefits and opportunities of vehicle automation.

Peter’s technical achievement has been to combine his masterly command of behavioral theories and mathematical techniques with creativity and ingenuity to give to the community a real, practical alternative to trip-based modeling. While he did not set out to develop open-source, open-data products, he has published his ideas and methods widely and has collaborated at multiple levels with practitioners and researchers. And while he could have sat on his achievements, which are widely-recognized, he continues to push the field towards overcoming the limitations of the frameworks we use today and to be proactive in improving modeling tools to address emerging technologies, behaviors and planning goals.

The 2022 Exceptional Technical Achievement Award Committee was:

  • Rachel Copperman
  • Josie Kressner
  • Matthew Bhagat-Conway
  • Lisa Zorn (Board Facilitator)

Award Recipients

  • SACOG Technical Team, 2020
  • VisonEval Team, 2021