As discussed at the 2017 TRB Annual Meeting

Count Dracula's Lab


What are different users and their needs?

Variety of data types:

  • Origin-destination: person flows
  • Point: flows, crash
  • Network: flows, projects
  • Area: event, weather, land use

Data schema should have capability to tag.

What can Zephyr do?

Survey Agencies to identify state of the practice

Identify state of the practice for data warehousing on both the planning and IT side.

  • What they collect
  • Current process
  • Storage
  • How they use
  • What could be done better
  • Freshness policies
  • Concerns of privacy
  • [IT] Privacy
  • [IT] Data storage
  • [IT] Which database/softwares

Identify and organize interested agencies and implementation partners

Implementation partners

  • Big data providers
  • Smartphone apps
  • Enthusiastic agencies
  • Academics
  • Concrete working groups? w/ academics, industry, agencies

Agencies could contribute working hours/staff instead of funding
Data providers could contribute data instead of funding
Could brainstorm produce proof of concepts for various features using a hackathon

What does the potential product evolution look like? MVP, v1, v2, etc


What are the data standards that we would need?

What is the relative level of priority for this effort?


What do you think?