Board Election 2020

The annual board election member meeting will be held August 4th 2020 at 10AM PDT.

Become a member to vote

One of the most important aspects of being a member of the Zephyr Foundation is having a vote in the annual Zephyr Board election. Our board is elected every June according to our bylaws.

To be eligible to vote you must be a member in good standing as of June 10, 2020. You can become a member or renew your membership at

This year’s election will take place on August 4th.

Nominations for Board members are closed.

Anyone can submit nominations for the Zephyr Board; nominations for 2020 board members were due by June 10th 2020. Nominees will be asked if they accept the nomination and then will be given an opportunity to prepare statements in support of their nomination before the election.

2020 Election Process

I. Open Seats

Open seats are determined by the sum of:

A. Board members with expired terms; B. Board members who have expressed a desire to rotate off the board early; C. Any increase in the number of board seats.

The Secretary will confirm the number of board members with expired terms and any increase in board seats based on organizational records. The chair will confirm the desires of individual board members to serve for the following year and relay any additional seat information to the Secretary.

II. Nominations

The Secretary will compile a list of board seat nominations from the Board as well as from an open nominations form distributed to members no later than ten days before the election. The Secretary shall confirm with each nominated party that they would like to appear on the ballot.

III. Eligible Members

Eligible members per the Bylaws are determined the evening prior to the announcement of the Annual Member Meeting/Election. The Secretary will be responsible for compiling a list of eligible members and giving them access to voting.

IV. Meeting Scheduling and Announcement

The President is responsible for scheduling the annual member meeting/election. The Secretary is responsible for sending out an announcement of the meeting and the election to the membership. The election announcement can be combined with a call for nominations.

V. Ballot

The Secretary is responsible for finalizing the ballot, which should appear in the online election as well as distributed via email. Each candidate may write a short paragraph about themself (maximum 200 words) to aid the voting members in understanding their perspective and background. The Secretary reserves the right to edit these for clarity or request revisions.

VI. Election

There are two main avenues for casting votes in the election:

A. Online poll B. Member Meeting

The online poll will commence no later than two days prior to the member meeting and cease 24 hours after the member meeting closes. Votes cast via the online poll are in lieu of any votes cast at the member meeting and are anonymous.

Members also have the opportunity to publicly cast their votes at the member meeting, but must declare their voter-ID in the online poll so as to preclude any double-counting. Declaring a fraudulent voter-ID is grounds for membership termination.

Member Meeting / Election

The main purpose of the member meeting/election is to discuss board elections.

Results Certification

The Secretary will certify the results no later than 72 hours following the poll closure and will be responsible for announcing the results to the membership and posting to the website.


  • August 4th: Annual Member Meeting and Election